About me

if you can dream it – you can do it

                                                              – Walt Disney

This blog was launched in September 2016 as I started my dream of living the Nomad lifestyle, travelling and working in the countries I desire to visit on my journey around the world. If you have a dream that will take you on trailblazing adventures around the world, you are here by invited to join me on this nomad blog, containing mobile memories and experiences of my journey so far.

If you are or want to travel the world and work from your laptop, and like politics, technology and development, art and architecture, combined with natural wonders and the animals you find there, you can subscribe to the blog to get a notice when your interests are up for discussion through a blog post. Let’s share experiences and help each other on our journeys to our goals.

The blog posts will give you political information about the countries I visit, as well as where the nations are technologically and in development. I find it important to understand why things are the way they are, and it also gives me so many ideas of businesses to start in the different countries. What if we can make our dream job and combine it with helping others get a better life!. Travel is by far the best education to open our eyes to the worlds problems and at the same time, the best way to build a business that helps others as well as put money in your pocket, to keep building your dreams.

Recommendations of places to experience related to nature, art and architecture is also things I write about. Encounters with wild life over and under the sea is also part of the balanced lifestyle around the world exploration that will come up in this blog. If you have other experiences in the different places, I hope you will share them. I would love to get tips on what to do next time, and I am sure everyone else would love that too. The wonders of exploring new territory has always been what excites both my business mind and adventurous side the most.

The Nomads, cafes with great coffee and Wi-Fi to stop by and get things done, co-working spaces to work from, and participate in events and meetups, networking and skill sharing. The research and what it tells us about the new way to live and work and other related topics. There is always something happening that you could not force as you travel the world. It will all be a part of my mobile memories and up for discussion with you and the other amazing people following this journey.

For 15 years I have travelled as much as possible while attending the university’s entrepreneur programs with a bachelor’s degree from HSH and all the topics for a master in Strategy and Business development from NTNU in Norway. I have also started tree businesses, and worked for both small and big companies, whilst taking care of my two lovely daughters. I love educating myself and read and listen to books and watch Ted talks on YouTube daily.

My interest in politics and societies came from my childhood. My father was a politician and engaged in the political sides of development of our local society. We had development and politics for breakfast and dinner every day. My interest in art and architecture came from my painting mother, and through my first education in interior design. It continued developing through my business degree, when I started my first business in fashion to get me and my daughters a place to live and food on the table. After I finished school a friend and I started “Urban Hus”, a Norwegian entrepreneur business building identity into houses based on our client’s personality, interests, and dreams for the future. I also started an agency building European fashion brands in Norway. I worked with many amazing designers and had some trailblazing years attending the fashion fairs in Europe and traveling every little corner of Norway, presenting the next seasons designs.

Traveling is in my blood. I have relatives in Australia and America because my grandparent’s siblings travelled overseas to make a life for themselves at the start of the 20th century. I am at a place in my life were the girls are in University away from home. I have sold a business, and fired my bosses. It is time to explore the world full-time, look for opportunities to help, and build something new and meaningful. This blog will tell the tales of my mobile memories as I research the nomadic lifestyle and explore the world.