Gangnam Style – For Fashionistas, and Technology Lovers

Exploring Gangnam I got on the orange line five subway to Apgujeong first. The station is in the basement of Hundai shopping mall. This is a luxury mall and if you stop at this station it is mandatory to taste your way through the designer food floor. It is an interior dream of a supermarket and different restaurants slash fast-food desks where you can sit down and eat. I you shop in the supermarket, the cashier and the person packing the food for you are all dressed in chef like uniforms, clean and nice like everything else on the contemporary decorated floor.

I got out into the sun and walked about 7 minutes, and turned left on to Apgujeong street. A shopper’s paradise where the cars in the street revealed what prices we are talking about.  This colourful street in Garuso-gil is lined with Gingko trees. The facade of the street looks like an architecture contest, and Karl Lagerfeld had a pop up store with a coffee shop in a moon shaped glass building. A must see, when in Seoul.  This is where you will find the hippest up scale designer stores and coffee shops, displayed in vivid colours and jaw dropping architecture among the Gingko tree lined street filled with the most expensive cars money can buy.

I decided to go from Apgujeong to Bongeunsa station to see the Big buddha and temple before checking out the Coex area and SM City Mall. The temple area is nice and if you walk in the park around the big Buddha, you get to higher ground and can see the traditional Temple area with the modern sky risers of Gangnam in the background. Walking from the temple to SM City, the wide pavement is decorated with sculptured art work along the entire stretch. Remember to take a photo with the Gangnam sculptured hands.

Entering the glossy architecture of SM City, you can decide to be a rock star for the day. Record a song or make a music video. But first go through Makeup and styling to get the right look. Then, learn the dance moves to go with your selected style. It is all professionally done, and many people come here to fulfil a dream. This place is used by actual rock stars, so sometimes parts of the complex is closed do to artists working in the building. The entire area around Coex and SM City if also packed with restaurants and stores, so have lunch and do some more shopping after your 15 minutes of fame. Stop by the next-door aquarium if you like fish.

Get on the subway again and stop at Gangnam station. Like Carnaby street in the sixties, this area is where you will find the newest gadgets and the latest in Korean street fashion. Gangnam has straight streets and pavements planted with trees among the skyscrapers – to give you that New York feeling. A great place for people watching, shopping and resting tired feet in cool cafes. Stop by Samsung D`light if you like tech stuff. This is an interactive playground for gadget lovers, and what a delight it is. The first floor is the interactive playground. Register, get your picture taken, put on your wrist band, and go explore. The computers calculate your emotions, senses, intuition and imagination. They also have the flagship models of their new computers connected for you to try out. I fell in love with a white designer notebook 9. I think a might have to bring him home.

The second floor explains how Samsung sees the future of living. The floor explains how DRAM, NAND, MobileAP and LEDLight is built in to their future products. There is an interactive living space on this floor. You grab a tablet and see the room through it to see what the future can look like. There is also a classroom with a co-working desk and a tablet for each student, connected to the interactive whiteboard.

The basement has the store. Here you can buy the latest in Samsung technology. All their equipment is connected for you to try. There is a VR station to explore, along with curved computer screens, and docking for your new galaxy phone to be used as a computer.

The area has got many co-working spaces and the internet in this city is among the fastest in the world. A super city to work, play and stay if you are in to art, design and technology.

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