4 Co-working places that “works” in Seoul, South Korea.

Ranking first among the top ten countries with the fastest internet in the world, the mother nation of tech companies like Samsung, LG, and Hyundai is a future-oriented country to follow closely. Coworking in South Koreas Capital is easy. Several new coworking spaces are being established these days, and the quality of them is changing fast from casual low key to professionally designed for tomorrow’s start-ups.

We all read about or visited many of the coworking spaces that started attracting digital nomads who work from their laptop and travel the world. The new places have got perks you could only dream of enjoying in a regular job or organize at your own office as a start-up. The Coworking arena is no longer a place for digital nomads only. Tomorrows Start-ups never had better arenas to hustle from. I visited four of the Coworking places available in Seoul before deciding where to work.

They all have superfast internet, and packages for different price ranges. All the coworking places I visited also had coffee and water included, one of them even had beer included. They all had a reception with professional staff and gave me a tour and explained everything. But there are major differences in opening hours, prices, facilities, perks, and an environment.



We work is a super cool inspiring place. This company has got 40.000 members in Europe and USA and are starting branches in Asia these days. In Seoul, they just started the second branch. I visited the new one in Eujilro, and there is one more across the street from Studio black in Gangnam. The hot desks are in a café like setting with lounge areas, and desks in different sizes to serve your need for professional coworking as well as concentrating on your own. There are also play rooms with ping pong and dart.

This is not only a place for single-preneurs. Many companies with employees hire space at we work. Here, they have professionally designed office spaces, professional environment with spacious shared common areas, meeting rooms, cafe with micro-roasted coffee and beer included in the monthly rate as well as exclusive perks like weekly special events, upscale address and access to work with fast-growing start-ups and the talents that work on tomorrow’s problems. After work happenings with different topics is also included, and they have ping pong and dart rooms for creative minds to blow some steam.

But, this is only for those who want to live here for a longer period. You become a member and pay a monthly fee, and there is a 1-month notice to get out of the contract. If you are staying long term, this is a good choice. Short term contracts are not available here. The price is 350.000 won per month.

See location Euljiro 1 and Gangnam

Link to web page



Studio black is designed for you to thrive in your surroundings. The layout and design are done with class, and if you are into design, architecture, and interior, this is a dream workplace. They have member plans for everybody, so if you are in Seoul and need to work a few days, you can buy the 5 or 10-day hot-desk option, or a month if you are staying longer. The gorgeously designed floors will cater to your needs for work, food, coffee, and play. There is a relax area, with a massage chair, and a kitchen area to socialize. The in-house travel library also has the latest published business magazines like “Forbes” and “The Economist,” and the newspapers of the day in printed version if you still like to get your hands on it.

They have tools for working on prototypes, 3D printers for making prototypes and all the technical gadgets you need to test your programming on different devices. They also have showers, and rooms for sleeping if you are tired. Once a month there is a professional photographer in the house to do you product shots if you need that. They also have tech staff in the house if you encounter technical issues.

On top of that Hyundai card hired tax attorneys, financial planners, and business consultants participate in regular lunches providing Q&A sessions for the tenants in need of practical solutions. You can also be in the carpool, and get a discount on medical check-up, discount for Hyundai cards finance products. They also offer help with paperwork concerning regulatory issues and translations if you are a foreigner.

David, from the back office, showed me around. Friendly, professional, fresh and unquestionably, my number one choice. Centrally placed close to Samsung D`light in Gangnam, and owned by Hyundai.

See location here

Link to web page



Hive Arena is the backpacker coworking option. Low key, relaxed, and clutter in the corners like many of the coworking spaces in Southeast Asia. This is a great budget option if you like the coworking arena but don’t want to spend too much money on it. You can work here for 10.000 won a day, and they have 5 and 10-day plans as well as monthly membership deals. There are mostly techies working here, and they have a 3D printer along with the usual office equipment. The location is excellent if you stay in Gangnam. The closest subway line is Gangnam on the yellow and brown lines.

See location here

Link to web page



Superegg place is a small nicely designed coworking-place, with old phone booths rebuild to function as skype-rooms around the area. They have two floors and different member plans. You can drop in and talk to a very friendly girl at the reception named Lim. This place is great with easy access to three different subway lines Anguk on the orange line, Gwanghwamun on the purple line and Jonggak on the blue line. The traditional sightseeing sites are within walking distance. The art galleries in Insadong is also within 10 minutes of walking.

Remember to check out the artwork outside every skyscraper in the neighborhood also. It is a demand from the building authorities to have artwork outside when they build a skyrise. Nice for visitors and super for the Korean artists. This is a place you can rent for one hour or full time with a private desk and everything in between. One day will cost you 22.000 won here.


See location here

Link to web page

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