Sihanoukville – Eco-friendly beach paradise, threaten to be bulldozed

I decided to be super productive for a couple of weeks again and decided to go to one of Cambodia’s coastal towns, Sihanoukville. The tourist agency sold USD14 bus tickets for the ten-hour long bus ride from Siem Reap. You must change bus in Phnom Penh after about six hours. I waited about 20 minutes to get on a bus for the last four-hour leg of the journey to Sihanoukville with the new VIP bus. The bus tour was a good experience, except for the fact that they promised wifi on the bus, and that did not work on any of the buses. We had a total of three stops plus the change of bus along the way. Arriving the coastal town, I found a tuk to take me to Relax bungalows on Otres beach one, six kilometers south of the city center. I arrived at a bamboo village playing soulful tunes at the live music establishments. I loved it from the first second. The next morning I woke up to this.

Two weeks in these surroundings gave me serenity and presence of mind to work efficiently as well as working out a couple of hours every morning before going for a swim in the tranquil tempered turquoise waters. Long walks on the beach in the afternoon followed by tempered baths in the blue-green waters reset my head to work til after sunset every day. The cafes and restaurants along the Otres one beach fulfilled my need for Wi-Fi, food, and coffee. A glass of cold white and live chill-out music ended most days at a waterfront barbecue table. If you are considering this quiet, eco-friendly paradise to get some work done. You could try some of my favorites.


  1. Papa Pippo, Map

My favorite workplace on the beach is Papa Pippo. They have all kinds of eggs on toast, with bacon or ham, and yogurt with muesli and fruit and freshly pressed orange juice and great cappuccinos for breakfast. They also have power plugs to charge your phone and computer. I also loved their pepperoni pizza with their house white wine.



  1. Sea Garden, Map

Is the best place to have the beaches barbecue dinner. They have chicken and pork kebabs, different meat platters and fish dishes with salad, potato, sweet dressing and hot garlic baguettes for USD 5. The house wine is better at Papa Pippo, but at Sea Garden, you are eating at the beach one meter from the water, and the red sunset view is magical. If you feel like a working dinner in these surroundings, they have fast Wi-Fi, so no problem.

  1. Friends forever, Map

Knows how to make excellent cappuccinos and their chicken and vegetable dinner is a moist delight of meat and crispy fresh vegetables. This roofed terrasse on the beach felt luxurious and chilled from the sea breeze. They also have power plugs to keep you going all day and night if you are hustling. Their cute puppies might stop by and go to sleep on your foot.

17547577_10154231816570303_355963501_o (1)


  1. Greenhouse effect, Map

Is another great breakfast and workplace. The cappuccino and healthy freshly pressed juices are amazing. So is their selection of eggs and yogurt from the menu. They have power plugs to keep you powered up during the work day, and the scenic beach view is gorgeous. If you feel like sunbathing, they have sun chairs on the beach 5 meters from your workstation.


  1. Marys Beach Bar, Map

Mary Beach hotel & resort has a beach bar on Otres two, They have healthy vegetable juices, peanuts, wine and good lunches. I found it to be a good shaded spot to work in the afternoon with a healthy juice and some peanuts to keep me going while getting inspired by the red sunset.


If you want to see some of the other Islands in the Gulf of Thailand, go for a day trip to the islands by boat. There are day trips at every tourist agency in the street at Otres One. They offer boat trips for USD12 including snorkeling gear, breakfast, a lunch barbecue on a beautiful island, cliff jumping from another island and 2 stops at nice snorkeling places in the ocean.

You can also walk to Serendipity beach, but Otres is so much more beautiful, I would not do it again. I stayed at Otres one and walked to Otres two and back every day. This tree kilometer stretch of beach between Otres one and Otres two used to be full of the same eco-friendly bamboo bungalows, restaurants, and bars as on Otres one. The Cambodian government ruled by President Han Sin decided to get rid of the establishments and bulldozed the bamboo businesses to the ground. Han Sin is threatening to do the same to the rest of the beach and build government run businesses to cater for mass tourism instead. If you want to experience the tranquil and pure beauty of this white beach, turquoise waters, and eco-friendly establishments, you need to hurry before it is gone.


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