Bali internet, Sim cards and Bank login

Internet is cheap in Indonesia. The smart thing to do is to buy a local sim card. After receiving an insanely high bill from Telenor in Norway from my previous destination, I made sure I got a local sim card the first day.

A 4GB card was 100 000 Rupiah which translates to 63NOK, Euro 7, or 8 USD. I was online 24/7 and after three weeks I topped it up with 2GB for my last week. When I left, there were still more then 1GB left on the sim.

” A smile is like a sim card and life is like a cell phone. Whenever you incert the simcard of a smile, a beautiful day is activated”

You can buy a sim card at any of the many electronic stores Ask the locals if you don’t see any. There are also plenty of coffee- shops and restaurants all over the island and most of them have free WiFi. However, it is not very fast everywhere so I ended up writing on my computer but surfing with my phone.

If you use your phone to log into your home bank account it can be a bit of a hassle, if you have a local sim card, so make sure you have alternatives like a code generator or password that you can use instead of your phone for login purposes. My Norwegian bank´s technology can’t handle other sim cards than the one you are registered with in your bank.

I had to put my Norwegian sim card back in the phone, and call the bank from Indonesia with the Norwegian prices on the call. I then had to explain the problem. Unfortunately, they only had one solution. They had to send a password generator to my house in Norway. I then had to get a friend to pick it up and send it to me in Bali. Then I had to send a mail to the bank confirming I got the password generator, and they opened it for me to use.

The technology has come so much further than this, and I am amazed that banking is so slow to provide up to date technology for their travelling customers. I would love to get some feedback on how is this issue is handled in your banks and countries? Is our sim card our security when we log in to our bank?


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