Hubud – Bali, Barefoot Co-working for creative Thinkers and Doers

As a novice nomad, I picked Bali as my first destination. They seemed to have at least seven co-working places on an island. I did not know If I would meet a bunch of surfers chilling or hardcore businesspeople or something in between. Leaving the secure harbour of home, friends and family I decided on Ubud as my first city.

I arrived Hubud, the closest co-working space to where I live in Ubud Bali, to sign up as a new member. While filling out the form I met Marcus, a computer programmer from Sweden, just launching his start-up. I also met Jonathan, originally from South Africa. He creates webpages and immediately offered to help me set up the technical solution to my blog – which was killing me. Felicia from LA is doing marketing for musicians and the fashion industry. She got tired of the 5 days a year vacation policy. Ned from London works with customer relations. They had to let him go and then hire him as a consultant to get around the company policy not including remote workers.

There are people from all over the world and from all kinds of trades. They all love travelling, are open and curious, self-driven and only need a computer to do the main part of their work or their upcoming start-up.

Hubud was the first co-working place in Bali and operates on the forefront of the workplace revolution. Working here you can meet 200 new, bright and motivated location independent workers every month. There are workshops, skill sharing events, speakers on different topics and social happenings every week. Once a year Hubud host startup week. If you have an idea, need funding for your project or want to meet investors and entrepreneurs, this is a great event to attend. Startup week this year is from 18 -20 november 2016.

It is mandatory to walk barefoot in the ecolodge- bamboo office and as a member you access 350 learning opportunities a year. They have super tasty fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies every day along with different healthy food options and cakes in the in-house café. The view of the rice fields and volcano from the open workspace garden is magic. I met some amazing thinkers and entrepreneurs co-working on new ideas that will solve the world’s problems today and in the future at Hubud. I already look forward to going back for a month or two co-working at Hubud next year.


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