The Digital Nomad society, Home of the brave – Land of the free

Technology gives us the opportunity to work remote, and is changing the way we work, hire people and build businesses. Strategy and business models are changing along with new ways of organising the workforce. Businesses without a technology strategy is in danger of going extinct. As the old money-making machines disappear in social sharing and new digital platforms – making money in the future digital world is critical survival issues for many businesses.

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change

– Charles Darwin

As more companies adapt to the possibilities the continuous change in technology can give them, nations could be forced to change as well. If a growing part of the technology educated workforce desires to live life on their own terms, the companies will adapt to get the best people. We could be in for major changes in the western industrial worlds political systems, as the political scenery battles through ground shaking shifts, entering the digital age.

The function of a community is not to fix your weaknesses, but to amplify everybody´s strengths.

– Simon Sinek

So, what is a digital nomad? A nomad is a working traveller. These remote workers use their computer and Wi-Fi to do their work and is location independent. They do startups, run their own company or work for somebody else. Their office is coffeshops a coworking space or other places with WiFi like the beach. They are surrounded by new people, often changing location and are inspired by whatever happens in their current location. A nomad needs to find a place to live, organise internet, find places with fast Wi-Fi and get to know the rules and regulations of a new country every time they change location. They also need to find new friends, a place to exercise, maybe a doctor’s office or a new dentist every now and then.

The problem is not the problem – the problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand?

– Captain Jack Sparrow

Forbes Magazine recently wrote an article about the nomad society, claiming that nomads are good at solving problems with a world view. The reason, they claimed, was that Nomads work outside the bubble and develop a network of talents that can help solve problems by testing more cost-effective solutions and learning. This group of working explorers are experiencing the world’s problems first hand by wandering the world, working, networking and developing new skills for problem-solving by getting to know the different locations, people and challenges they are settling in to for a period.

Bravery is not the lack of fear – it is the ability to move forward inspite of fear

I remember hearing stories about the people leaving everything behind in Europe to go to America and make a good life for themselves as the 1800 ended and the 1900 began. The American anthem – land of the free, home of the brave describes the revolution of thinkers and doers making the digital nomad society perfectly. This time they are not settling in one country – they are becoming world citizens.

Will we still think of them as Norwegian, English, and German in the future? or will remote workers and digital nomads have to make their own system? If so, there is major opportunity to develop new businesses taking care of the growing nomad society’s needs – and who better to figure it out than the nomads themselves.


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